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Dear Reader,

Two of our books (Sanaseemata maga – Rs600, and Nischalathvaye Kathanaya – Rs440) are available to purchase by post (within Sri Lanka). If you would like to receive them by post, please do the following:

  1. Phone 0715326354 or 04333726621 to check whether the book is available.
  2. Then get a money order for the price of the book + Rs100 (postage)  to the following name & ID number: J A P Dilrukshi Jayakody, ID  668420400V.
  3. SMS the PIN number of the money order, your name, the book you want, your contact phone number, and your address to 0715326354. You may phone this number to confirm the order.
  4. You will receive the book by post within one week.

Alternatively, please contact us if you would like to order any books.

Electronic versions of these books coming soon. Please visit again or subscribe for the upcoming releases.


If you wish to contact us or purchase a book please use one of the phone numbers or email addresses below:

Sri Lanka:  07 1532 6354 or 03 3372 6621

Australia: +61 (07) 3411 7438 or +61 (03) 9758 9440

New Zealand: +64 (07) 858 3241

USA: +1 (818) 884 0443

Global: info@sahanabooks.com


This is the recording of Brisbane 4EB radio program in which the author of “Sanaseemata maga” was interviewed. The interview starts at about 5.2 minutes into the program. The contents before and after interview are also relevant to the subject of the book/interview.